Dell, HP tech support aren’t recommending Windows 10 to customers


On the surface, PC OEMs are touting their support for Windows 10, and cheerleading their new computer lineup embracing Microsoft’s new software. But behind the scene, many of these partners are discouraging users from upgrading to Windows 10, and in some cases, asking users to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to an older version.

Folks at LaptopMag, which did an assessment of tech support offered by big vendors, is reporting many instances where a representative of the company asked users to stay away from Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft.

A Dell representative, cited in the story, is recommending users to revert back to Windows 8.1. In his defence, a lot of Windows 10 users are having such issues with the touchpad on their machines, and switching back to the older version of Windows seems like an easy fix. “There are a lot of glitches in Windows 10,” he said.

“As Windows 10 continues to evolve, we sometimes recommend a customer revert to their previous operating system to troubleshoot a specific issue they’re having,” the company told the publication.

In another case, an HP customer had this to say, “I really don’t recommend [that] customers upgrade to Windows 10.” When HP was asked about it, the company says that the support team’s goal is to leave consumers happy, even if that requires switching to an older version of Windows.

There are no isolated instances. It seems every tech support has a similar advice to share. You might wonder that it could be just because Windows 10 is not polished yet and hence causing so many issues to users, but in some cases, it appears that downgrading operating system wasn’t really required to fix an issue.

The report also reveals that many tech support representatives are not well versed with Windows 10 features and are struggling and often giving irrelevant suggestions.