DelenarTD: Remastered now in the Windows Phone Store



DelenarTD: Remastered is the newest release in the DelenarTD lineup. We have added many new features, add mob spells, completely revamped art, rebalanced the game, and in doing all that we also reduced the total disk space and resources required for the game. Because of this the game contains all 54 levels that have been created in the Delenar universe!


  • 54 Unique Levels
  • 11 Unique Towers
  • 5 Tower upgrades
  • 14 Unique Mobs
  • 8 Unique Mobs spells
  • 3 Damage Shields
  • 4 Pathing Tiles
  • 5 Different portals!
  • Star Ratings
  • Daily Challenges
  • Online Highscores
  • Multiple Start Points for mobs
  • Endless Mode For every level!

Find DelenarTD:Remastered  in the Windows Phone Store here.

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