Deeper integration & new features for ‘JDB Facebook’ + ‘Social Scout’

JDB Facebook and Social Scout apps have always been related apps, but now they just became very close brothers…

They have been integrated even more so that when you install any of them you are actually having and using both. Before, you could only achieve this by installing Social Scout and then pinning the Facebook shortcut to your start screen; now you can actually only install JDB Facebook, launch it and when pressing the “check-in” button (lower bar, right side) it will launch Social Scout and will allow you to check-in and explore all the location-related side of Facebook, in other words: what is really happening in the real world around you.

This integration brings together some extras to the location notifications: when you have location notifications you will see them on the Facebook app as well, as a 4th icon on the Facebook notifications bar. Clicking on that new icon will take you to Social Scout’s Notification Center, where you will be able to see all your notifications and interact with your likers and comenters, in real time!

So whether you install one or the other, the main difference will only be the app name and the startup mode (one starts directly as Facebook and the other as Social Scout), but can switch easily from one to the other, as shown above.

Buttons bar of JDB Facebook are now also customizable, you can now pick which buttons to have on the bar:


And last but not least, they have added support for a limited set of stickers. This feature is currently under development (call it a beta), it takes a few seconds to post the sticker but it works so far on all devices tested.


So that’s it! Two great apps into one. Your complete Facebook kit.


Or the paid editions ($1.99 any): Social Scout ??? | JDB Facebook ???

Free version(s) limitations are:

• Very shy Ads
• Limit in notifications when friends check-in close to you
• Limit in notifications when friends check-in on places monitored by you
• Can only monitor 1 place
• Limit in the number of nearby recommended places


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