Deck of Secrets Windows phone 7 app


It is a hat-trick for Long Zheng of who already blessed us with a slideshow of local Australian WP7 apps and a Microsoft contest to remember. He has just posted a video on Facebook featuring the restaurant guide app, Deck of Secrets, which was showcased during a Keynote at the Microsoft Tech.Ed Australia. The developer, David Burela started the working on the app only last week during his free time and  has done a pretty good job as the video can attest to fact. The new info I gleaned from the interview is the built in intelligence of the WP7 keyboard which changes in context of the input field on a list box. For example, when entering a phone number, the user is presented with a numeric pad, for an email, the @ symbol and .com appear etc. I bet there are a lot little  WP7 functionality secrets that are waiting to be revealed as the time gets closer to launch. Click here to watch the video.