Deals Deals Deals, Blackfriday Special

I recently reported on the Blackfriday list that talked about some deal, well it seems HTC is givingimage more and more to us. HTC is now offering a rebate to help their carriers out there to sell more devices. HTC is giving a $100 rebate for purchasing the Imagio, Touchpro2, Tilt 2 and Ozone. This deal is only for their Windows Mobile phones and will go on for a while. This deal sounds great I bet and you most want to know what the catch is? well you have to bring in your old Smartphone—which i bet is more than $100—and trade it for the $100 rebate they are offering. The deal only goes for Nokia, Iphone, Blackberry and palm, or anything else that runs Windows Mobile. This is not the greatest deal, but at least it is something.


Once the new phone is purchased, the customer can go to the appropriate site below and enter their specific promotional code. This will provide them with a mailing label, which they use to send their old smartphone, a copy of the UPC code from the new phone, and a copy of the invoice from the new phone. After that, they get a $100 check in the mail!

More information is available at the HTC trade-in website.

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