Deal: Pre-order Sunset Overdrive Day One Edition To Get Exclusive Content And $10 Gift Card

Sunset Overdrive game was announced during E3 2013 during Microsoft keynote as a Xbox One exclusive. Sunset Overdrive is an always changing, open-world shooter set in the not-so-distant future. The story is like this, a catastrophic event has left your city overrun by mutants. While the majority perish or transform, you flourish. It turns out your calling isn’t picking up trash or serving food, it’s mutant destruction. With an arsenal of kick-ass, overpowered weapons and a knack for traversing the city with hyper agility, it’s not the end of days for you.

This game is now available for pre-order and the Day One Edition includes the exclusive Nothin’ but the Hits gun, Fizzie character outfit and Hardcore! Hammer, an improvised melee weapon for smashing your enemies. Apart from this, Amazon and Microsoft Store are offering their own deals for this game pre-order.

Microsoft Store:

  • Pre-order Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One at your local Microsoft retail store and receive a $10 in-store gift card plus exclusive download codes for Acordes de la Muerte and The Hangover.

Click here to pre-order your copy now.


  • Pre-order Sunset Overdrive to get the Day One Edition, which includes two exclusive codes for the Hotty Shotty gun and the Wasteland character outfit . The Day One edition also includes the “Hardcore! Hammer”, “Nothin’ but the Hits” gun, and the “It’s Me! Fizzie!” outfit.

Pre-order Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One from Amazon.

Watch the game video below,

Sunset Overdrive First Look