Deal Alert: Get two Nokia Treasure Tag Minis for only $13.99




It is not clear if Nokia’s Treasure tags failed due to poor hardware or due to poor support by the OS for Bluetooth 4.0 LE, but either way the Bluetooth location trackers never really took off.

This may explain why you can currently pick up two of the diminutive Bluetooth trackers, designed to help you locate things around your home (such as keys) or make sure you don’t leave them behind (such as your bag) for only $13.99 ($7.99 for one) when the devices launched for around $29.99 each last year.

At present we do not know of Nokia’s Treasure tag apps will carry over to Windows 10 Mobile, but if you are running Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 and live in USA $14 is not too much to lose to find out.

Find the deal at PricePlunge here.

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