Deal alert: you can now save as much as $1025 on HP laptops

HP has come up with their Weekend deal, cashing in on which can make you do some good savings. You can save as much as $1025 on HP laptops! The laptops part of the deal are all premium quality laptops and in a way can be called budget laptops. The deal though made the price such that you end up feeling like you are purchasing a budget laptop. You can find some of the popular PCs that are part of the sale below.

  • Save $1025 HP ELITEBOOK X360 1040 G5
  • Save $638 HP ELITEBOOK 850 G5
  • Save $867 HP ELITEBOOK 1050 G1
  • Save $325 HP PROBOOK 640 G4
  • Save $400 HP PROBOOK 450 G6
  • Save $380 HP PROBOOK 650 G4

There are other cool laptops from HP that are part of the deal. You can find the deal here.