Deal Alert: Travel Mate is a Red Stripe Deal

Home screen of Travel MateActivities in Travel MatePhoto album of an activity in Travel Mate

Good news for you if you are planning a trip right now or in the near future. Red Stripe Deals for this week is now live in the Windows Phone Store featuring Travel Mate with 70% off and you can also try the app for free.

Travel Mate can become your hub for creating trips (and budgets), recording expenses and planning activities. You can also keep track of flight details, your itinerary, tasks and notes, add pictures and show an automatically generated diary of your trip to your friends and family.

Some of the key features:QR code to Windows Phone Store download link

  • Plan your activities and budget limits before your trip
  • Record your activities and expenses, use online or custom exchange rates
  • Avoid overspending by taking a quick look at the summary page of your trip that informs you about the planned, daily and remaining budget
  • Add additional details to activities, such as flight information, itinerary details of your activities and contact information, such as a phone number, email or web page address of your hotel
  • Capture receipts for activities. Take a photo of your receipt and it will be automatically attached to the selected activity
  • Export all information, the thumbnail photo and receipt picture of an activity to a Word document
  • Export all of your expenses, tasks, notes and the summary of your trip to an Excel workbook
  • Create photo albums for activities by adding multiple photos to them
  • Manage your trip related tasks. Create tasks for trips that will help you not to forget important items related to your travel, such as “book the hotel” or “take out insurance”
  • Take colorful notes with essential information, such as a flight number or directions
  • Pin your trip to the start screen and track your expenses right there without starting the application
  • Never get lost in a multitude of information stored for your trips. Use the built-in search functionality to search for any of your activities, expenses, notes and tasks in all trips or within a selected one
  • Use the built-in unit of measure converters to convert metric and imperial area, length, mass and volume units, Celsius to Fahrenheit or the other way round
  • When you go shopping, you will also appreciate the clothing size conversion tool. Convert the size of your clothing with the app to shorten the time spent looking for clothes matching your size
  • Use the currency calculator that supports online and custom exchange rates to exchange currencies and formulas such as 5 × 30 EUR + 5000 HUF. You can also review the list of previously entered calculations
  • Show both your home time and the time of your location if you are in a different time zone
  • Edit the existing or create new activity categories and subcategories if you cannot find the ones you need

Download the free trial version of the app in the Windows Phone store.

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