Amazon Prime Day is here and with it comes a thousand and one deals such as an Xbox One S All-Digital and a Phantom White controller for just $200 and Sony noise-cancelling, wireless headphones from $99.99.

Not to be outdone, however, Best Buy has discounted the price of the PlayStation Classic console down to $19.99 from its original price of $59.99. You’re saving an entire $40, which you could spend on another two PlayStation Classics. Maybe.

Just be aware that the PlayStation Classic wasn’t exactly the most well received of consoles. Despite the fact that it’s more physically powerful than its full-sized counterpart, it just didn’t meet expectations.

The Classic is limited to a 720p output and is locked to RBG full range. That means that, upon booting a game, you might be hit by several display issues.

There’s also a range of audio issues, including the music randomly slowing down during parts of Final Fantasy VII and Ridge Racer Type 4 succumbing to harsh reverb.

The catalog of games isn’t that great, either. Sure, Final Fantasy VII, Rayman, and Metal Gear Solid are hits, but they could have put something such as Tomb Raider IV or Crash Bandicoot on there.

Having said all that, $19.99 is an absolute steal for a little slice of laggy and buggy nostalgia. If you’re up for bagging yourself a PlayStation Classic, you can follow the link here. Happy shopping!