The day before yesterday, Samsung officially announced the new Galaxy Note10, a new flagship smartphone series with best-of-the-best technologies and features. You can read more about these devices here. Amazon will be selling both Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ in the US. You can now pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ on Amazon and get $150 Echo Plus for free.

Galaxy Note10 highlights:

  • Cinematic Infinity Display: With nearly invisible bezels, the cinema-quality display elevates everything you watch.
  • Lightning-fast processor: The latest and greatest chipset on the market gives you blazingly quick processing that never keeps you waiting, so you can work, play, and share without slowing down.
  • Intelligent all-day battery: The Galaxy features an all-day battery that intelligently powers every scroll, clicks, calls, tap, playlist, and season finale you can throw at it.
  • Super Fast Charge: Power up with Super Fast Charge and head out the door faster, with more juice.
  • Wireless PowerShare: Zap some extra power into your Galaxy Buds, or a friend’s phone, just by placing them on the back of your Galaxy.
  • Loads of storage: Get the storage of a laptop in your pocket. The Galaxy comes with either 256GB or 512GB of storage and can expand to fit your needs as work and life happen.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Factory Unlocked Phone or a Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus Factory Unlocked Phone on Amazon and win a $150 Echo Plus absolutely for free.

vai: BGR