Deal Alert: Lumia 650 price drops to £99 in the UK and Ireland


Microsoft’s metal Lumia – the last Lumia – the Lumia 650, is receiving price drops to make it an attractive low-end phone for Windows phone users in a pinch.

The phone, currently free on America’s Cricket network for first-time users of the service, has just had a price drop to £99 in Argos in the United Kingdom. This is £10 less than what the Microsoft store sells it for at £109 and even less than its original MSRP of £150.

For that price, you get a beautiful 720p OLED screen with Glance, as well as a nice, thin, light metal phone. For that price, it feels a fair bit premium. If the back isn’t to your liking, you can always swap it out for a Mozo case, or another of the OEM cases. Unlike earlier Windows Phone mid-rangers it comes with 16gb of storage and expandable storage, so that won’t be an issue.

There’s also a similar price drop at Ireland, with the Microsoft Store being €10 more expensive than the Argos store, who have it at €119 as opposed to €129.

Purchases from both countries feature unlocked devices, with users being able to swap sims from different carriers unlike the Cricket variant discussed earlier. While ordinarily some carrier features may be blocked if purchased online or similarly, Microsoft has made it easier for users of the Lumia x50 series to swap sims and keep carrier exclusive features like WiFi calling and visual voicemail without needing to purchase carrier locked phones.

You can pick it up at the store links below.

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