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12, 2013

Author Sanjay // in Apps

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Avirall-QRCodeTime yourself better with Avirall. The app is free for next two days! Hurry.

What is Avirall? Avirall lets you track your time efficiently and accurately with a suite of 5 timekeeping tools having tasks and profiles. It is based on patent pending Distributable Active Time E-document architecture, designed by the developer of Avirall. You need always active (yes, even after you pull your phone’s battery off) quick stopwatch? Do you want to keep track of your projects’ earnings (yes, multiple projects), with tasks and people? Do you want to time your activities? Do you want to share your track and field training timings with your friends with best and worst laps? Do you simply need a kitchen stopwatch? avirall is meant to help you with all these and more. avirall is designed and developed grounds-up for windows devices to fulfil the needs of basic to advanced timekeeping. It is built on the principles of modern and minimal UI design with beautiful, easy and advanced timekeepers…

Avirall has Quick Stopwatch, Chronowatch – an advanced stopwatch, TaskTimer – a timer with tasks, ActLogger – for activity logging, and ProKeeper – an earning timekeeper. 4 more innovative timekeeping tools are under development. Using these tools you can create as many timekeepers as you wish in each type. All the timekeepers can keep running despite Avirall is not running or even if your device is completely switched off (don’t believe us, download and run Avirall, create some timekeepers, switch off your phone, if possible, remove the battery, switch your phone on again, fire-up Avirall and voila, find all your timekeepers still kicking).

Avirall generates stunning images/reports:

Avirall Report 1

Avirall Report 1

Some features of Avirall:

  • Advanced Chronowatch with laps
  • ProKeeper, project and earnings
  • TaskTimer, can double up as count down
  • ActLogger, log activities
  • Simple and quick Stopwatch
  • Every timekeeper can have multiple activities
  • Define MS precision for individual timekeepers
  • Keep timekeeper running for infinite time
  • Device shutdown does not affect even running timekeepers
  • Running timekeepers adjust with current time zone of the device
  • Hub for quick access
  • Extensive settings to control app’s behaviour
  • Activities
  • Profiles
  • Mail sharing
  • Image sharing
  • Multiple (as many required) timekeepers of each type
  • Project summaries
  • Project’s current status image for sharing
  • Different rates for each activity
  • Image attachments in every timekeeper
  • Follows your device’s theme
  • Modern design and experience

Here is a quick demo of a basic timekeeper of Avirall.

Avirall - Quick Stopwatch Demo

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