Deal Alert: AT&T selling Nokia’s wireless charging plate for only $12.25 and wireless charging stand for $25.88



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AT&T is cutting some Nokia accessories to half-price, which means some irresistible deals on some of their Qi-powered wireless charging accessories.

The carrier is only charging $12.25 for the Nokia Wireless charging plate, and only $25.88 for the Wireless Charging Stand, and will deliver with free shipping.

To access the deal, navigate to the page by following the following instructions:

  1. Click here
  2. Select ‘Shop for accessories’
  3. Select ‘Nokia’
  4. Select one of the Nokia 920 devices
  5. Select the ‘Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate’.

Get it while you can, because I am sure at these prices they will be going fast.

Via WPC.

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