The standalone version of DayZ has finally launched out of Early Access. Five years after its initial beta release, the popular survival game has reached its 1.0 state.

To celebrate its official launch, DayZ will be free-to-play until December 17th. It’s not too big to download, like some games that have a free weekend, so you should be able to get in a decent amount of playtime.

DayZ originally started life as a mod for the popular simulation shooter ARMA 2. The standalone version of the game released in December 2013 and saw many controversies over the past five years.

A console version of the game is currently available on Xbox One under the Game Preview Program. It’s set to fully release in early 2019 alongside an upcoming PS4 version.

DayZ on PC currently costs £19.54 on a 15% sale. The usual price is £22.99. DayZ on Xbox is £31.99/$39.99.