Dating app JACK’d working on a Windows Phone app


In what is becoming more and more common these days, when reader Dave asked Lucid Dreams, the developers of gay dating app JACK’d, to make a Windows Phone app, the answer was that the app was already in development.

Unlike Grindr, which has still not made its way to our platform, or Tinder, which is at least hooking up with Rudy Huyn, Lucid Dreams prides themselves on having the world’s best developers and being well resourced, which makes us wonder about the skills and resources of other companies who claim they are unable to support Windows Phone.

JACK’d claims to have 5 million users, and not only allows users to create their own profile, but also lets other users annotate your online summary, and features a match maker, chat service and scene selector.

If you want to hurry Lucid Dreams along, raise a ticket at their support site here.

See their response letter after the break.


Thanks Dave for the tip.