Das Keyboard World’s First Cloud-Connected Keyboard at CES 2017

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Das Keyboard today demoed 5Q, the world’s first cloud-connected keyboard. Das Keyboard 5Q with its connected software suite called Q, allows information like email activity, project status, stock quotes, and sports updates to be color-coded and displayed on the keyboard keys.

The 5Q software includes:

  • A dashboard for real-time keyboard key color visualization of information coming from the Internet into the 5Q. Information can be coming from IFTTT, Zapier, or any cloud applications with a public API.
  • Mode illumination, which allows the 5Q’s LEDs to be individually controlled.
  • Color effects that can be applied to the entire keyboard (e.g.: wave, breathe, ripple effects, etc.)
  • Lighting profiles that can be shared with others in a community-driven marketplace.
  • A desktop REST API that allows programmers to directly control the light colors with their own scripts.

In addition, Das Keyboard is developing a 5Q community-driven marketplace where developers can share their open source Q apps.

On the hardware side, the Das Keyboard 5Q offers technologies including:

  • Extra-bright RGB backlighting electronics called Das Keyboard RGB+ with custom surface-mount LEDs, optimized lens and ultra-clear light guide — making the 5Q keyboard many times brighter than any other RGB keyboard currently on the market.
  • New Gamma-Zulu mechanical switch developed by Das Keyboard and Omron (Japan), with 1.5mm actuation point and can withstand 100 million actuations — 100 percent more durable than standard mechanical switches.
  • Real-Time One (RTO) analog technology detects key presses in 0.4 milliseconds and reports it to the computer in 1 millisecond — up to 45 times faster than other keyboards.
  • Oversized Q button, also a volume knob, activates the Das Keyboard Q software

The Das Keyboard 5Q is currently available for pre-orders at $229.

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