Darksiders 3 may be getting a form of new game plus added in a future update.

While already a very competent hack-and-slash game in its current form, fans of the third Darksiders game have been craving the addition of New Game Plus since its release. Hopefully, the much-requested mode may be coming soon.

In a tweet showing off a large selection of Darksiders 3 merchandise, developer Gunfire Games also sneakily hid a printed out document declaring some plans for the future mode. Of course, it was quickly picked up by fans.

Gunfire Games are well-known for leaking their own games and updates. Hopefully, this one was on purpose. Just last month, the developer accidentally released a trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Darksiders: Warmastered Edition before swiftly deleting it.

As for Darksiders 3, the developer has been very supportive of the game since its release. While bugfixes and performance improvements have come along, so have updates that added additional combat options.

When we reviewed Darksiders 3, we claimed it was a diamond in the rough. With more added through updates and further performance improvements, we may be able to recommend it.