Dagi Transparent Stylus for the HTC HD2


dagi1 We’ve received a pair of Dagi Transparent Styli thanks to Dagi Corporation, which we’ll be putting through their paces.

From the website, they’re advertised as:

      • Transparent sensing head
      • Power free
      • Easy to aim at the small icon
      • Easy to play games
      • Accuracy
      • Slide smoothly
      • Sensitivity and light action force
      • Easy to do handwriting
      • Easy to edit: Cut / Copy / Paste
      • Easy to browse website
      • Suitable Drawing / Pen Memo
      • Suitable the user with fat finger / long nail

First impressions are surprisingly good, I didn’t think a stylus would make any real difference to a screen as monstrous as the HD2s, but they make things like notes a lot easier!

Are there any applications you are particularly interested in seeing these styli with?