Dagi Transparent Stylus

Because my HD2 is away getting fixed, I can’t do videos/shots of this in action (which I’ll do when I get my HD2 back).

Generally, they’re very useful styli, the longer of the two to me is particularly useful as it can be kept in a jacket pocked with the clip (like a pen) and then used in the hand very comfortably (it feels just like a normal pen really). The smaller of the two I have is to my mind a little too small. I kept losing it in pockets. It does have a loophole for a strap or something, but that’s just adding to the bulk.

Dagi Styli

Onto the usage side of things… In the wonderful crisp weather we’ve got in England, these are very useful with gloves. They’re large enough in diameter that they can be gripped well even in things like ski gloves, and would offer a lot more precision than prodding the screen with a gloved finger (if that actually worked).

Many people would love to be able to use these for high precision things like drawing. To a certain extent they do, but I can’t help thinking a more traditional stylus design might be more effective than the dot in the middle of a large circle for more precise taps. I’m not entirely sure how the technology works, but it must be possible to create a small tip rather than a large base.

The large base also has an interesting side effect, it means you have to hold the stylus at a certain angle to avoid tapping in the wrong place. This can occasionally get annoying, but it’s fairly easy to adapt to.IMGP4474

Using the styli as an extension to a finger rather than a very precise implement makes a little more sense, and makes typing a lot faster (you can see where you’re hitting rather than obscuring the screen with a finger) which makes it very useful in situations with either lots of typing, or hitting small UI elements (which are surprisingly hard to find on the HD2!).

Overall then, I think it’s a useful bit of kit to have, and I’d certainly recommend one if you want an alternative to fingers (or if you wear gloves), but they’re not as precise as I feel they could be..

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