Cyberpunk 2077’s recent delay into December is solely due to the performance levels on current-gen games consoles. 

After the game was delayed from November to December, CD Projekt RED co-CEO Adam Kici?ski revealed that the game’s push into December is due to the game’s unfinished optimisation for the Xbox One and PS4.

Despite this, Kici?ski revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 runs will on PC and the next-gen Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 hardware.

“The game is ready for the PC and runs great on the next-gen consoles, and could be shipped on the scheduled date on those platforms,” the co-CEO said in an investors call. “However, even though the game has been certified on the current gens by both Sony and Microsoft, some very final optimization processes for such a massive and complex game require a bit of additional time.”

Alongside the unsatisfactory performance, the upcoming RPG will also benefit from a final bugfixing pass before the game’s launch.

“The polish is needed to fix all the bugs and quality issues that we’re still facing,” Kici?ski said.