Cyberlink Power Media Player MR for Windows Mixed Reality reviewed (video)

Microsoft launches their Windows Mixed Reality a few weeks ago, and by now more than a few readers will be owning one of these headsets.

In the end, though the platform is only a portal to content, and one of the best ways to access this is Cyberlink’s Power Media Player MR app, which not only offers support for your own 360-degree videos but also 360-degree photos and 360-degree content from YouTube.

Compared to the built-in video player in Windows Mixed Reality they claim the following advantages:

At $39.99, however, it is rather pricey, so it would be good to first see what you get for all that cash.

Fortunately, Ian Dixon from The Digital LifeStyle has posted a review of the software, which can be seen below.

YouTube player

The software does fortunately also come with a free trial, and can be found in the Store here. If you do not have a headset yet you can find links to order your preferred device here.

Power Media Player MR
Power Media Player MR
Developer: CyberLink Corp.
Price: Free