Cyber Dust for Windows 10 due by mid-November


Earlier this year we reported that Cyber Dust was planning on bringing their ephemeral Windows messaging app to Windows 10 after Windows 10 had been released, now we have just received a date.

In a conversation with the Cyber Dust team on the eponymous app(which could not be saved for obvious reasons), the team confirmed that the app would be coming in a matter of “weeks”, when pressed a time-frame of anytime from next week to mid-November was given.

Earlier the company said:

“Windows users, the update is coming soon. We want to wait for Windows 10 to be released. When it is you will be able to use Cyber Dust not only on your phone, but anyone and everyone with a Windows 10 desktop or laptop will be able to use CD as well” , now it seems that “soon” is imminent.

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Cyber Dust
Cyber Dust
Developer: radical app llc
Price: Free