Cyanide and Happiness comic gets official WP7 app

In what we hope is a growing trend, Cyanide & Happiness have released a Windows Phone 7 app at the same time as their new Android app.

cyanideThe app features:

  • Comic Archive: Get access to all ~1,800 C&H comics in an easy-navigable archive. Get new comics the second they’re available, or somehow bend the rules of space and time and get them even earlier!
  • Portrait/Landscape viewing.
  • Favorites: Save your favorite comics for quick (and offline!) viewing later. Impress your friends! Impress your enemies! Impress otherwise apathetic people! It’s really versatile!
  • Animated Shorts: Watch streaming C&H animated shorts from the comfort of anywhere.
  • News: Read all about upcoming events, books, announcements, the works!
  • Seizure Mode: Shake!

If you want to find out what Seizure mode does, find the app, which costs $0.99 and does not have a free trial, in Marketplace here.

BTW, to see the rest of the Bouncing Baby comic, click here.

Thanks cPT.cAPSLOCK for the tip.