Customize your TouchFlo3D clock easily


19, 2008

One of the strengths of Windows Mobile has always been that your device does not have to look like everyone else’s, and that customization is relatively easy. In the beginning it seemed TouchFlo3D would interfere with this practice, as besides the wallpaper the interface does not allow any further tweaks.

Of course XDA-Developers would not leave it at that, and have worked hard at understanding the TouchFLo3D software architecture. Due to their efforts its now simple to change many features, including the very prominent clock on the home screen.

In this linked thread there are many cab files which can be downloaded and which will, on execution, change your clock to one of the many designs available.

Of course the clock is just a start, and as the associated screenshots show the rest of TouchFLo3d’s appearance can also be radically changed.

Read more in the linked thread.

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