How to customize Edge’s new tab page

Microsoft Edge has a new tab page that is by default filled with news, weather, sport, and most irritatingly, advertising.
I’m of the philosophy that a new tab page shouldn’t be an element of distraction, but should let you focus on what you opened the new tab page to do. Edge has a setting which lets you control what you see when you open the new tab page, and while it isn’t as expansive in customizability as Google’s Chrome is (by way of extensions). it is at least something.
A few notes to start with, you’ll want to keep the top sites feature enabled if only to prevent the new tab page from being completely blank.
If you want to mix in “your” feed with the top sites, be aware that Microsoft will slip in ads for products from both the Microsoft store and Windows phone. You can also customise what kind of content you see to some extent, but it’s not as fine grained as you would get using MSN’s News app for example.

Here’s how to customise new tab page on Microsoft Edge

  1. Open the new tab page in Edge and Tap the gear icon on top-sites.
  2. The settings page there allows you control over what information cards you see, letting you turn off weather, sports and money widgets for instance, or allowing you to personalise your news feed.
  3. Turn on/turn off everything you want and save.
  4. Re-open the new tab page.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little noise now and then, but I personally am not a fan of the cluttered new tab page whenever I use Edge. You may feel otherwise, and that’s fine. There’s a choice, and choice is good.