Custom Tiles For Pinned Websites on WP7


4, 2012

In my free time I have been making a small web app to add some more customization to my WP7 HTC Titan.  I have a few websites that I like to have pinned to my home screen but wanted to have some control over what the tile looks like.  The coming WP8 might render my work obsolete but oh well.  The web app I have made lets you input any url, title, and subtitle as well as select the color of the tile that you want.

If you go to with your Windows Phone 7 device you will see the options available.  After you fill in the options you click on the sample tile and it will full screen with just a few options at the bottom to take the font size up or down, go back home, or change the color of the tile.  After you have the settings just how you want them you tap the … at the bottom right and pin to start.

That is all there is to it currently.  It is best used in protrait mode and it also works with other mobile devices but works best on Windows Phone for now.  I do want to add more features like uploading/selecting an image to use as your tile.  This can especially help for the iPhone’s lack of customization as you can have whatever image you want for your shortcuts.  Any bugs or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter @Brad_Billman or leaving a comment on my blog.

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