Custom Ringtones, Multiple Live Tiles Per App, IE9 Coming To WP7

At MIX’11 keynote, Joe Belfiore from Microsoft revealed some cool features coming to Windows Phone platform. Some of them are –

1) Custom Ringtones:

Now developers can make use of an API from Windows Phone developer tools that allows you to set different ringtone for your mobile. It was one of the most requested features from consumers. In the future, you can see more apps that allows you to download ringtones and set it as your ringtone.

2) Multiple Live Tiles Per App:

So far the story of Live tiles has not been of much interest among WP7 developers, but that will change soon. Microsoft will now allows an application to have multiple Live Tiles. The Live Tiles can be certain tasks within the app, for example, you can pin searching for a product from Amazon app to your start screen instead of the regular application shortcut. Also, the Live Tiles animation has been updated.

3) Internet Explorer 9 Mobile:

Its going to be the gem of the upcoming Mango update. Its blazingly fast and blows away competetion in terms of performance. Its fully standards compliant (HTML5) and has the same core engine as the desktop IE9. The UI has been tweaked with address bar now at the bottom of the screen and supported in landscape mode.

Image Credit: Long Zheng