Current generation Windows Phone 7 handsets will still be able to do Augmented Reality


With gyroscopes joining the Chassis 1 spec there has been some concern that the platform is fragmenting.

WPCentral, who is reporting from MIX11, reports that Mark Paley, Principal Lead Program Manager for Windows Phone has been reassuring.

With the new Motion Sensor API the present sensors are synthesized into a single virtual sensor, the so-called Motion Sensor, from which developers will be able to read motion directly.  Each sensor will just add to the accuracy of the Motion Sensor, but 3rd party software will generally remain largely agnostic to the actual number of sensors in the device, unless the developer specifically checks for the presence of a gyroscope using ‘Motion.IsSupported’.

This means Augmented Reality Apps will work perfectly fine on all devices, and just a bit better on the ones with gyroscopes.

Read more about the technology at WPCentral here.