Cuphead is being ported to another platform this summer: the Tesla!


2, 2019

Microsoft-published indie platformer Cuphead isn’t content with remaining on just the Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Now, you’ll be able to play Cuphead on your Tesla!

Revealed on the Tesla-focused podcast Ride the Lightning (episode 200), the awesome 1930’s styled platformer will be playable on a host of Tesla models. Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X will all be able to play the game sometime in the future.

“Cuphead, we’ve got it working,” Elon Musk revealed. “[The developers] have been helping us make it work. It’s a cool game. It’s insanely difficult; it’s sadistically difficult!”

Recently, Musk tweeted about Unity, the game engine which powers Cuphead, running on Tesla with the promise of more in-car games becoming available once they finished porting the software.

Games on Tesla are playable through either the touchscreen, steering wheel buttons, or a USB controller. Cuphead will only be compatible with the latter option due to its need for precise responses.

Due to storage limitations, the Tesla version will only include the game’s first chapter, Inkwell Isle, but the game is allegedly running quite well. According to Musk, Studio MDHR would only allow the game on Tesla cars if it could run at a reasonable performance level. With a targetted Summer release date, it appears that may be the case.

Tesla cars can already play certain arcade games, such as Asteroids, but playing more modern games is an impressive accomplishment.

Source: IGN

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