Cultist Simulator, the game where you try your hardest to establish a cult and sometimes eat people, is getting some spooky new DLC and a special Anthology Edition.

The new DLC content is called the Priest and Ghoul DLC respectively. The Priest DLC contains a long-awaited Knock ascension and, best of all, snakes. All praise the snakes!

The Ghoul DLC is described on the Steam page as ‘a disgraced medium goes all Dorian Gray, hands out in graveyards, and develops gourmet, sepulchral tastes’. We’re sure it’ll be delicious.

Both DLC will cost $2.99/£2.50 each. That’s the same price as a half decent cup of coffee, so consider forgoing caffeine for a day and getting into a Lovecraftian pyramid scheme instead.

The Anthology Edition is a special version of the game to celebrate Cultist Simulator’s first birthday. Hooray!

This special edition contains the entire base game, all DLC, and the game’s (very nice sounding) soundtrack at 15% off the total price. The Anthology will cost $33.11/£25.90, which is probably around the same price as a high end cup of coffee.

You can check out and buy Cultist Simulator on Steam here.

You can also get Cultist Simulator on mobile, which we heartily endorse. Our sparkling review of the mobile version can be found here. Spoiler alert: I gave it a 9 out of 10.

The Priest DLC, Ghoul DLC, and the Anthology Edition of the game should launch on Thursday 30th of May at 10AM PDT/6PM BST.