Remastered cult classic Outcast: Second Contact is coming out in October


11, 2017

We finally know when Outcast: Second Contact is coming to Xbox One. It’ll be here in October though we don’t have a concrete release date yet. Outcast was an amazing game which introduced the video game industry to a lot of new mechanics including incredibly vast open world areas.

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In Outcast: Second Contact, the action takes place on Adelpha, a vast world to explore and the cradle of an ancient alien civilization, the Talans. This video shows a bit of the gameplay in Outcast: Second Contact and the depth of its unique world, in which exploration is at the heart of adventure. Sacred portals, called Daokas, let you travel freely to the four corners of Adelpha from the very start of the game, as you search for your crewmates and the lost terrestrial probe.

To successfully complete your mission and the hundreds of side quests, you will need to gain the trust of the local inhabitants. Talk with the people, negotiate with rich merchants, save oppressed farmers, take on dangerous predators and even undergo a mystic ritual with the great Shamaz priests of Adelpha. Each Talan has a unique history and personality.

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