Darkflow Software and Gaijin Interactive have brought the kitchenware-inspired Cuisine Royale to Xbox One.

Built upon their squad-based shooter Enlisted, Cuisine Royale is an April-Fools-turned-reality battle royale game featuring an impressive amount of WW2 weaponry.

Cuisine Royale is an all-kitchen warfare MMO shooter in the genre of battle royale. The game offers the most realistic weaponry in the genre and highly detailed environments with trenches, bunkers, stationary machine guns, sounds and graphics. On the battlefield players can find items that significantly increase their characteristics. Strapping on an IV feed will provide accelerated health regeneration, a set of glasses will increase weapon accuracy, and more. Players can also improve their defence, but instead of traditional battle armor, in Cuisine Royale they equip themselves for battle with eating and cooking utensils like a colander as head protection or a wok as a breastplate. The gameplay is challenging, fast paced and well-balanced.

As a player of battle royale games, Cuisine Royale is a very fun and exciting game on PC. With a very wacky sense of humor – including the most honest lootbox system ever made – it’s great fun for anyone who enjoys the genre.

Cuisine Royale is currently available on Xbox Insider Hub. Those who are part of the Xbox One service can try out the game and share feedback with the developer. The game should become available for everyone later in 2019.