Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has officially thrown its hat into the battle royale ring with the addition of a new area, Sirocco.

Sirocco is set in the Middle East and has a typical desert theme. You can fight out in the open or navigate your way through hidden passages.

The new area also allows you to pick a starting perk before you deploy. You can tailor your item to your playstyle, or just go all out and pick one at random if you’re that kind of player.

Perks include things like the new exojump boots, a parachute, a health shot, and the trusty old taser.

There’s also other new features, such as bump mines. Throw a bump mine on the ground and send your enemies flying! Just be warned – if you accidentally step on it, you’d better hope you have a parachute packed, because CS:GO has fall damage.

You can also respawn anywhere on the map – as long as your squad survives, you can come back. You can also choose where you respawn!

There’s also new in-game features designed to make your time in CS:GO that little bit easier. You’ll now find that weapons you scavenge have far more ammo than they previously did, meaning you can focus more on fighting and less on scrounging for bullets. Tablets also now reveal the nearest large weapon crate with ‘pinpoint precision’.

Source: CSGO official website.