Crystal Group uses Microsoft Technologies to modernize its workplace

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Crystal Group, a leading garment manufacturer and FORTUNE 17 company based in Hong Kong, is modernizing its workplace and embracing mobility to meet the challenges of accelerated sales cycles and more complicated orders from global customers. They are deploying the Windows 10 OS to its entire workforce and using Microsoft Azure security services to enable anytime, anywhere productivity. They have developed three Windows 10 apps automate the sales cycle, differentiating the company with its faster delivery of prototype garments.

  • Style Library app on their Surface Pro 4 to show their customers the company’s latest library of styles. Together, they can use the Surface Pen to quickly draw on the screen and finalize their designs. This process took up to 7 days and can now be done in 12 hours. Once a design is signed off, the Crystal merchandiser uses the Style Library app to quickly convert the order into a quotation record.
  • Quotation app: Once the order is in the system, a sales manager reviews and approves the quote via the Quotation Approval app on their Surface Pro 4 or Microsoft Lumia phone.
  • Sales Hub Apps: Employees use the app as one-stop-shop for customer data where they can track the go-to-market dates for sales, marketing, research and development and merchandisers.

Through Microsoft technologies, Crystal Group has achieved accelerated sales cycles and improving design concepts to protype garments in days versus months for its customers like Victoria Secret and in in-time customers such as Gap, H&M, Levi’s.

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