Crysis Remastered may be releasing on PlayStation 4 on Friday if YouTube channel PlayStation Access is to be trusted. 

While the Nintendo Switch version of Crysis Remastered saw a release last month for some awesome portable nanosuit action, the full-fledged console and PC releases were delayed after fans were disappointed at its visual fidelity.

Just last week, Crytek tweeted that the wait for the enhanced Crysis Remastered was almost over.

“The wait is almost over, and we promise it will be worth it! Please stand-by for further intel,” said the tweet.

Enter YouTube channel PlayStation Access, a Sony-owned YouTube channel in the same vein as Xbox On. In a new video entitled New PS4 Games This Week, the Sony-owned YouTube channel listed Crysis as the headline title for upcoming PlayStation 4 games.

YouTube player

While this isn’t a confirmation, Crysis  has seen numerous leaks from various console storefronts and marketing outlets. Hell, even the game’s trailer leaked beforehand.