We’ve had the latest generation of consoles for some time now, so the important question is obviously, can it run Crysis?

The answer is yes, very well in fact, all the more so with today’s Crysis Remastered console update, that “plays well on Next Gen Consoles” as the Twitter post claims, almost like it’s some kind of next-gen remaster. 

Details were unveiled further in Reddit posts for both Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5, which show off some seriously impressive specs. 

On the Xbox Series S, you can hit the dizzying heights of a stable 60 fps in Performance mode, with Quality mode bumping the resolution up to 2160p albeit it at 30 fps. You can also enable RayTracing on the Series S, for 1080p gameplay at 30 fps, with some very fancy lighting if that’s your thing. 

The Xbox Series X steps things up a notch, with a smooth 60 fps across the board. Performance mode is still locked to 1080p, but we can only imagine it’s remarkably consistent in that. Quality mode is the same 2160p as the Series S, however at 60 fps, while lastly, RayTracing mode is prettier at 1440p, and faster too, running at 60 fps. 

The PlayStation 5 falls a little short of the Xbox Series X’s remaster, as while it hits 60 fps across all three modes, the Quality mode isn’t quite as quality as the Series X, only hitting 1800p at 60 fps. 

This patch also brings in the Ascension level for the first time on consoles, as well as a bounty of bug fixes that should make the experience smoother, to go along with the buttery framerate.