Cultist Simulator, the enigmatic and puzzling card-based simulation game, is coming to Android and iOS devices.

British indie studio Weather Factory announced the news in a tweet, along with an appropriately hilarious little trailer.

In Cultist Simulator, the player must carefully use cards to live out their life, summon alien gods, and try to gather a cult following. You know, just every day things.

The player must balance the humdrum of mundane survival (by going to their job and paying their rent) with the mysterious intricacies of trying to start a cult.

The player character, a nameless citizen in a nameless society, can encounter all manner of ills such as being struck by sickness, hit by dread, running out of money, and being driven to insanity.

Of course, they can also uncover forbidden knowledge, summon long-forgotten gods, and uncover priceless treasures. It all depends on how you use the cards you’re dealt.

The game may be tricky and downright cryptic for those unfamiliar with the works of Alexis Kennedy, who previously founded Failbetter Games. Those familiar with Fallen London, however, will feel like they’re being welcomed home.

Pre-registration for Android users is already open.

Cultist Simulator is already out on Windows, macOS, and Linux and is due out on mobile in the second quarter of 2019.

Source: Weather Factory on Twitter.