Cross-play is coming to Paladins, Realm Royale and Smite


16, 2018

Cross-play is going to be added to three Hi-Rez Studios games: Paladins, Realm Royale and Smite on Xbox One.

Following in the footsteps of games like Rocket League and Fortnite, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players will all be able to play together soon. In fact, Hi-Rez has said that the feature will be a major part of the next season for Paladins.

Hi-Rez’ general manager Chris Larson said, “We want to break down the barriers that stop friends from playing together on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And we are technically ready to support cross-play on other platforms as the opportunity arises.”

Once again, PlayStation 4 seems to have been left out of the playgroup this time around. It’s no surprise; it took months for Sony to allow cross-play on the overwhelmingly popular Fortnite after all. Even so, will a lot of gamers kick up that much of a fuss surrounding the lack of cross-play here? Only time will tell.

Paladins and Smite are currently free-to-play on Xbox One. Realm Royale is currently in a closed beta.

Source: PC Gamer

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