Cro-Mag Rally update with control-improvements now in Marketplace


Some players have complained Cro-Mag Really is really difficult to control.  The developer, Citizen 12, has promised an update which fixes the issues, and version 1.1 is now in Marketplace, which bring the following improvements:

  • Lower camera for better overall car control
  • Implement auto-accelerate.  You no longer need to hold down F to keep going. (F is still displayed on screen though.)
  • Tweak physics for cars on medium difficulty to make them a little less grippy (easier to drift through turns)
  • Tweak control response curve to make it more "linear" (and thus more responsive at smaller angles off-center)
  • Tweak dynamic range of the sensitivity setting. The least sensitive setting should require nearly 90 degree rotation of phone to achieve maximum turn. Most sensitive setting requires only about 30 degrees to achieve maximum turn. 
  • Lower maximum speed for all cars in certain tracks (the more curvy ones) in order to slow down the overall pace (and make them a little easier). Does not apply to Expert mode.
  • Tweak the wall collision code to prevent certain instances of being able to go off map

See our full review of the Xbox Live game, before the improvements, here.

Cro-Mag Rally is $2.99 with a free trial and can be found  in Marketplace here.