Critter Camp: New Multiplayer Game on Windows Phone

Critter Camp (from the makers of WordHog, 2nd place finisher at Microsoft ImagineCup Nationals 2012) is a collection of real-time multiplayer mini-games. Critter Camp can best be compared to Mario Party for mobile, on a global scale. Unlike slower turn-based games, Critter Camp provides a action-packed, competitive gaming experience with friends.

Players will be matched up in groups of four players. In a future release, users will be able to search for friends and send friend requests. Once in a group, the group votes on a mini-game to play. Mini-games will continuously be added to Critter Camp to keep the experience fresh.

Right now, there are three mini-games users can play.

They are Fishing Frenzy, Twilight Tango and Jetpack Jamboree.   At the end of each game, users will gain experience based on how they do compared to other players.

Players who do well will level up and be able to be able to change their avatars to different critters. There is also a global leaderboard.

Available for free on Windows Phone 8!

Check out the 30 second trailer after the break.

Critter Camp Trailer