Creepy Cards, a Halloween theme memory game!

After the success of “Love Memory” with almost 10.000 downloads in the first month, we have decided to release a new memory game with a different theme and increased difficulty for those that missed some difficulty in the original “Love Memory” and also prefer another theme.

“Creepy Cards” is a simple memory game where you have to match a pair of two cards in order. Every time you match a pair it disappears from the table, and once there are no more cards you win the game. The game is timed with 8 different levels of difficulty. It will be really challenging to pass the last levels, increasing the lasting value of the game. The game is Mango-Ready, meaning that fast-app switching is enabled, so you won’t lose time reloading the game and resuming.


  • Beautiful main menu using panorama.
  • Fast App Switching.
  • 8 different levels of difficulty.
  • 18 different card design.
  • Timed game-play, because you can’t always win!

You can download the game for FREE here: