CrazyMaze! game for Windows Phone now available!

CrazyMaze! is a funny and challenging game where you will test your skills by driving a ball throughout 54 original levels!

The score you get in each level will give you a gold, silver, bronze or honor award, enabling you to unlock levels ahead.

Across the levels, there are cool themes and plenty of features for you to discover, including:

  • Keys that open doors enabling you access to new paths
  • Travel faster with instant speed boosters
  • Enhance your score by picking green points and avoiding the red ones
  • Narrow passages that can only be overcome after you minimize the ball
  • Holes that send you to the last activated checkpoint
  • A lot of force zones with cool effects
  • Reach new areas by traveling through teleports
  • … and more!

Are you ready to play?

CrazyMaze! Lite and CrazyMaze! are both available on the Windows Phone Marketplace.