CrazyJumpers Online for Windows Phone 7

CrazyJumpers Online, a free game for WindowsPhone which tests your reflexes and nerves in a parachute jumping competition. The rules of the air-borne duel are very simple: Jump as soon as possible, deploy your parachute as late as possible, and land on the ground first. Players can chose from 5 different characters, each one with different characteristics influencing the gameplay:

1. Alienstrong>: The fasters in free fall, yet slowest when on parachute. Can deploy the parachute closest to the ground, but will die on slightest impact. Handle with care! This character is for real pros only!

2. Foxy Lady: Fast and sexy (well, sort of). Difficult in handling (as every woman), but very reasonable character to play.

3. US Marine: Well-balanced character for beginners. Won’t complain if you treat him a bit harsh.

4. Zombie: This chap may look not too good, but in fact it is one of the best characters to plat. Not too good in free fall, but excellent finished. Won’t complain if you break him a limb or two by deploying parachute late. Very late.

5. Japanese Robot: The ultimate champion of parachuting. May generate a lot of air friction in free fall (its head is rather large), but will destroy competition in the final phase of a jump. Some say it can survive jump without deploying its parachute. Sometimes!

Alien Robot Lass Zombie


CrazyJumper Online uploads your high score and compares it against other players in a world-wide list of fame and shame. The competition does happen not only on a personal level (can you be the best jumper in the world), but also on the WindowsPhone manufacturer level (what handsets are best for hard-core players?)

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