Crazy Horses game exclusively for Windows Phone


A new game from Nice Touch Games exclusively for Windows Phone.

The United States has a problem – the horses are out-of-control! Grab your lasso and round ‘em up!

Crazy Horses is the first game from Nice Touch Games, started in 2011 by two former Sony London Studio & Electronic Arts employees with years of AAA game experience.

The game features fun levels filled with out-of-control horses that like nothing more than to stray into the paths of twisters and trains or touch their little pink tongues to an electric fence! Players use their cowboy-like reflexes to draw lassos around horses with their finger, and then trace paths to guide the herds into a corral. It takes skillful lassoing and quick thinking to wrangle the Crazy Horses safely back home without being splattered, zapped or skewered!

This cross-country adventure travels through 16 of the 50 great American states with more coming in free updates. Crazy Horses has hours of replay value with race-the-clock and endless modes for every state, plus golden horseshoes and awards to collect.

Get crazy… Join the herd!

Crazy Horses is $2.99 with a free trial (3 levels) and can be found in Marketplace here.

Read more about the game at Nice Touch Games here.