CraigsFeeder – A multi-city/multi-category craigslist app for WP7


5, 2011

craigsfeeder rocks; get it.craigsfeeder rocks; get it.
craigsfeeder rocks; get it.craigsfeeder rocks; get it.

CraigsFeeder is a craigslist application for the windows phone 7. The main distinguishing feature of CraigsFeeder that makes it a non-generic craigslist application is the ability to search multiple cities (or even entire states/countries) across multiple categories quickly and at once in a seamless list right from your phone. Searches are saved and unread counts are shown as tiles on the main page of the application.

Features of the application include:
– The ability to easily select an arbitrary combination of locations and categories and group them into a single, seamless list.
– Send emails to craigslist posters directly from the app
– Marking items as favorites for later viewing
– Being able to cache up to 1500 craigslist postings on the phone at a time
– Filtering of craigslist postings using keywords
– The ability to view detailed information about a craigslist post such as what city it came from, when it was posted, and the name of the category it was posted in
– The ability to only view the content of the article and the full article as it is posted on craigslist
– Matches the set accent color so the application’s color scheme follows that of the phone
– Requires a valid google account. An active gmail account is not required.

Craigsfeeder is $1.99. A trial version is available with no limit on the number of cities and categories you can choose from.

Get it at the Zune Marketplace here.

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