Craig Mundie Speaks about the Future of Technology


Craig Mundie, a senior adviser to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, showed off the company’s upcoming products in a talk at Yale University. In the lecture which is titled, “How Tomorrow’s Technologies Will Shape Your World,”  Mundie discussed Microsoft’s efforts to make human-technology interaction more natural and productive, and gave some sneak peek examples of  how the company is bringing such products to businesses and consumers.

He added that over the next few years, Microsoft anticipates a shift from the current graphical user interface of  “pointing and clicking and typing” to a “natural user interface” of  “touch and other forms of human sense-like capabilities”.
He also said that we’d really like a computer to be more like us, and through that, we want many more people to get computing capability. He emphasized that “There’s no reason to believe that in the future that any person who’s buying a television or a cellphone won’t inherently be buying a computer
Throughout the lecture, Mundie offered demonstrations of products Microsoft expects to offer in the “relatively near future.” He used a 55-inch touch-screen computer to show Microsoft’s upcoming apps, which have new capacities for analyzing and visually representing large sets of data.
Now the awesome part is, he further emphasized the future potential of machine learning and showed a video of a Microsoft computer that can perform real-time language translation from voice recognition in which a Microsoft executive was speaking in English to a crowd in China as the computer repeated his words in Chinese using an imitation of his voice.
The point he want to convey is very clear. The new capabilities like this will enhance user productivity by making human interactions with computers via touch screens more intuitive — computers should be able to assist people’s work rather than inhibiting it.
During the talk, he said, “I ask myself, ‘How should a farmer in rural India be able to use these machine capabilities?’ He should be able to pick up his phone and ask, ‘When should I fertilize?’ and it would say, ‘Thursday,’” .As we all know, Xbox users can easily control their consoles using their smartphones. To this end, Mundie spoke about the importance of uniting the hand-held devices with larger tablets via cloud computing facility.
At the end of the lecture, he and a colleague demonstrated the cloud computing abilities of a pair of desk lamps, each with a built-in camera and projector. The two users wrote on physical sheets of paper and the lamps projected the other’s writing onto both papers, effectively allowing the two users to collaborate on a single physical project in real time.
When some of the student participants are interviewed they said that they are very much impressed by the technology that Microsfot has demoed and working on with a special focus on improving Human experience with computers.
Source : Yaledailynews

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