The original Crackdown was a masterpiece, and it’s one we’ve yet to see beaten in a canonical sequel. If you’ve never experienced this great 2007 open-world shooter, or you just want to play it again, you’re in luck! Microsoft has made Crackdown completely free on Xbox One.

Just navigate to the store section of your Xbox One and search for the game. Then, purchase for no money at all and download! Crackdown is also one of the few X-Enhanced games for Xbox One X so you can experience all of its mayhem in 4K.

This may all be a promotion for the upcoming Crackdown 3 news during XO18 – or is it now Crackdown 3: New Providence?

If you’re away from your Xbox One right now, click this handy link to get Crackdown for free.

Source: Engadget