Crackdown 3 has “been given the time it needs to meet expectations,” delays allow Sumo Digital to polish it more


3, 2018

Crackdown 3 is set to release in February (maybe, hopefully, possibly) after suffering multiple delays throughout the years. While these surely disappoint fans, the extra time has allowed developer Sumo Digital to work towards making the best game possible.

In a new interview with, Sumo Digital managing director Paul Porter discussed how Crackdown 3 has been given the time it needs to meet expectations, despite being a no-show at several industry events.

“It’s been given the time it needs and warrants to meet the expectations of that franchise,” said Porter.

When asked how they make sure that fans won’t get frustrated with the experience, Porter joked that it’s just all about making a good game and polishing it as much as you can.

“By creating a good game,” he said. “It’s a bit of a glib answer, I’m sorry, but as you know the release date’s moved back, confirmed as February next year, and that’s great news because it gives us the time to polish a game that’s pretty much done, but make it better and better.

“The way to make the best games is you finish them, then finish them again, and then finish them again. That’s what we’re doing with Crackdown 3.”

Via: IGN

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