While Crackdown 3 wasn’t a great game by any means, Microsoft has at least been supporting the title post-launch with a host of free updates. The newest update, Crackdown 3 Flying High, adds wingsuits, new weapons and more.

For those unimpressed with the original game’s boosting mechanics, this free update adds a much more impressive wingsuit. According to the press release, you can reach new highs, attack from above and participate in wingsuit races – pretty snazzy!

There are four new weapons included with Crackdown 3 Flying High: the Clusterduck grenade, Hellstorm Flares, Agency Peacekeeper Beacon and the Elemental Force gadget.

The Clusterduck grenade allows you to create huge chain explosions; Hellstorm Flares allow you to call in a huge air strike; Peacekeeper Beacons will bring in an army of civilian militia to fight alongside you, and the Elemental Force gadget will summon elemental melee weapons with unique effects.

Alongside these items, there are 14 new achievements worth 500 gamerscore. If you’re an achievement hunter, this might make Crackdown 3 worth it. After all, it is included with Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox and PC.